Thunderspire Labyrinth

Once the group returned from the ruins of Shadowfell Keep, they were greeted and welcomed as heroes by the authority figures of the towns Winterhaven and Fallcrest. The whole region of the Nentir Vale would have been run over in a matter of days by the undead legions, if the ritual of Kalarel, Scion of Orcus would have been successful. Following the advice of the characters, Valthrun the Prescient sent out word to the War Wizards of Cormyr about the still lingering threat of the portal.

But also bad news awaited the group. In the last weeks more and more innocent people went missing from all over the vale, including the village of Winterhaven. Lord Padraig and Sara High Priestess of Aumaunator from the temple in Fallcrest asked the characters to help them and find the abducted men and women.

Agreeing to help once again, the group followed the trail of the missing townsfolk into the labyrinth under Thunderspire Mountain. Here, centuries ago, was the mighty minotaur kingdom of Sarunn Khel located. Soon after entering the mountain, they found a hobgoblin slaver band named the Bloodreavers, who were responsible for the troubles. Defeating Krand Hobgoblin Chief and his men in the strange “Chamber of Eyes”, they found out that all of the captured slaves were sold to a group of Duergars of Grimmerzhul, who had a stronghold in the deeper reaches of the labyrinth. With the defeat of the Bloodreavers, they also got the attention of a powerful group of mages in the “Seven-Pillard Hall”, called the Order Arcanis.

After a short fight within the rooms of the “Grimmerzhul Trading Post”, and the guarding duergars, the group made their way to the Horned Hold were the slaves were kept. The characters fought through waves and waves of well-trained duergars and their allies, and were victorious in the final battle against Murkelmor Paladin of Asmodeus. The heroes were able to rescue most of the missing folk, but unfortunately not all of them. As it turned out had the duergars an uneasy alliance with a group of Gnolls, who claimed a region of the labyrinth for themselves as well. These gnolls were also the ones who tasked the duergar with finding and capturing as many slaves as possible.

Without a real choice, the characters employed a guide through the Underdark to find the Well of Demons and with it the lair of the Blackfang Gnolls. But on their way, they were ambushed by servants of someone called Paldemar Mage of Sarunn Khel, and only barely made it out alive of this trap.

Reaching their destination, the group faced off against many gnolls and had to succeed in three tests to be able to enter the inner sanctum. While proceeding through the lethal tests, they got visited by an image of the mage Paldemar Mage of Sarunn Khel. He tried to convince them to let him be alone with his studies and even offered an alliance, but naturally the party declined.

Defeating a mighty Frostforged Wyrm who were bound there as an eternal guardian, they fought against Maldrick Scarmaker Chosen of Yeenoghu and his personal consort in the sanctum. After killing the powerful gnoll, the group learned that his goal was to finish a ritual and turn this former temple of Baphomet into a holy place of his patron Yeenoghu. Only one prisoner survived until the very end of this climatic battle. Among the personal goods of the chieftain was a small silver key, once touched, it showed a vision of a hidden tower close to the “Seven-Pillard Hall”.

Back in the hall, they rested for some time and got asked by a member of the Order Arcanis to help them finding a renegade mage called Paldemar Mage of Sarunn Khel. The group had quite a reputation after defeating the Bloodreavers, the Duergar of Grimmerzhul and the Blackfang Gnolls, all within a short time.

Agreeing to help out, the Nentir Six opened a hidden path with the silver key and found the envisioned tower. Before they were allowed to enter, they had to bargain with a spectral manifestation of the deity Vecna, who has absolute power over the “Tower of Mysteries”.

Failing to convince the ghost, they lost a portion of their life force to the being, but didn’t hesitate and entered the tower. While battling with the first line of defence, Paldemar Mage of Sarunn Khel appeared to aid his allies. In a suprising turnaround, the heroes were able to keep the mage from retreating and killed him sooner than expected.

After clearing out the rest of the tower, the characters brought back word to the Order Arcanis about their find and finally had solved all major problems of the citizens of the “Seven-Pillard Hall”!

They exited Thunderspire Mountain and returned to Winterhaven, their fame growing with every day after rescuing many of the abducted slaves and rejoining them with their worried families.

Thunderspire Labyrinth

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