Keep on the Shadowfell

At first, the characters helped the small village of Winterhaven to get rid of a large band of kobolds, led by the goblin Irontooth, who were waylaying unwary travellers on their way to or from the town. With doing so, they earned the trust and thank of the mayor, Lord Padraig and the elderly mage Valthrun the Prescient.

After finding out that the kobolds were mere minions of a more powerful and sinister evil, the group entered the underground complex of the old and almost forgotten ruin of the Shadowfell Keep. There, they battled through the hobgoblin guards and eventually found out that the evil mastermind of all the trouble was Kalarel, Scion of Orcus!

On their way to the third and final level of the keep, the group encountered an imprisoned undead creature, Sir Keegan Doomed Knight. It turned out that he was on the side of the characters and, after talking to them for a while, even granted the paladin Balasash his most precious treasure, the gleaming sword Aecris, to aid them in their quest!

Braving the dangers they were facing, the heroes reached the third level eventually with the intention to foil the plans of the evil necromancer and servant of Orcus. Kalarel, Scion of Orcus tried to re-open an ancient portal to the Shadowfell and with doing so creating a permanent gateway for the undead hordes of the demon lord.

In the last moments, the characters were able to stop the ritual and defeat the powerful mage. This was the first step of the growing fame for the group of heroes who became known as “The Nentir Six”!

Keep on the Shadowfell

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