Adventures of the Nentir Six

Session #2
Pyramid of Shadows

Encounter T3: The Courts of Madness

Encounter Level 10 > 3.100 XP -> 520 XP each


Heart of Madness        Level 10          Hazard            500 XP

Gibbering Mouther       Level 12          Controller        700 XP

Warped Alpha Grick x2   Level 11          Brute (Leader)  1.200 XP

Foulspawn Skintaker     Level 12          Lurker            700 XP

Features of the Area

The death of creatures in this area causes the heart of madness to awaken.

A dead creature decays rapidly, turning to sludge that the fleshy walls absorb 3 rounds after death. The characters can see the corpse’s flesh decay and rot away. Removing a corpse from this area stops this horrid transformation.

One round after the adventurers have defeated the first creature in this area, the fleshy walls form blockades at the positions marked on the map.

Gray Material: The strange, gray material that comprises the walls, floor, and ceiling of this area feels similar to living flesh. It pulses and flexes as though it were alive (which it is).

Any attacks against the fleshy walls deal full damage. The walls have regeneration 10. If the adventurers deal 60 points of damage to a single square, the flesh falls away and the square becomes open terrain. After three rounds, the flesh around the hole seals the wound.

Slime: Squares covered with slime are difficult terrain.

Secret Door: The secret doors in this area can be found with a DC 24 Perception check.

False Heart of Madness: The heart is a large, fleshy nodule that hangs from the ceiling of the sealed chamber. It has 100 hit points. If the adventurers destroy it, nothing happens. The acidic vapors don’t dissipate and the barricades won’t open to let them escape. Their only chance is to leave the upper area via a down-spiraling tunnel from this room, they have to go all the way to the chamber of the real heart to escape the deadly vapors.

The Story So Far

Start of the Campaign

1st Tarsakh 1479 DR – The Year of the Ageless One

On a warm, early spring day in the eastern parts of Cormyr, five young and adventurous men met each other in the small city of Fallcrest.

The sly and cautious tiefling Akmenos, on his way to search for fame and fortune

The calm and intelligent water genasi GarelKai, who set out to learn the art of a battle leader with first-hand combat experience.

The friendly and in magical arts trained dwarf Osrik Splithammer, who wanted nothing more than to prove to his clan that even dwarves may raise to glory and power with study of the Art.

The silent and deadly elf Pereth, bearing a heavy burden on his shoulders as he tries to find who was responsible for the murdering of his friends and family.

And the strong and determined human Thuriel, for the time being more of a mercenary who tried to “fight the good cause” while getting paid for it.

Osrik met Pereth several days ago on his way to Winterhaven, on his search for his missing mentor Douven Staul. Pereth agreed to accompany the young dwarf after they got to know each other.

Akmenos and Garel-Kai were old comrades and traveled together all the way to the north from Akanûl. In Fallcrest an scholar named Parle Cranewing asked around for help to map out an ancient ruin of a keep to the south and offered good money in return, so the two accepted the mission.

Balasash and Thuriel followed the plea for help of Marla High Priestess of Aumaunator, from the local temple, about some unnerving rumors of a death cult operating near Winterhaven.

As all of them set out to head south, they met and agreed to work together to improve their chances to succeed in their various quests.

4th Tarsakh 1479 DR


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